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Therapeutic Background


An experience, that I think happens to a lot of people every day. A call to focus, but what is …

Rewellio Certified Medical
Therapeutic Background

Rewellio – minimal risks, maximum outcome

Hi, my name is Bernhardt. I am rewellio co-founder and I am dealing with regulatory affairs and compliance issues. Sounds …

VR Training Stroke Therapy Rewellio

VR – virtual reality

New technologies new opportunities Virtual reality (VR) based applications have begun to play an increasing role in motor rehabilitation after …

Therapeutic Background

Mirror therapy

Improving upper limb function is a core element of stroke rehabilitation needed to reach independence. Different therapy approaches can support …

Therapeutic Background

Motor imagery

What are motor imagery and action observation? Studies and modern neurorehabilitation approaches show that motor imagery, as well as action …

Therapeutic Background

Neuroplasticity – how does it work?

According to the Oxford Dictionaries (1), Neuroplasticity is: “The ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially …

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