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The application is designed for training with regards to the scope of visual attention, cognitive exercises and speech and language therapy on tablet or other compatible mobile devices only. No additional sensors or appliances (e.g. VR goggles) needed.

  • Central neurological deficits as amyosthenia and paresis of one hand, following neurological events such as stroke and cerebral haemorrhage.
  • Deficits concerning the patient’s visual attention, cognitive-, speech and language deficits


  • Any kind of anxiety states as e.g agoraphobia or similar
  • Patient suffering from vertigo or any kinds of circulatory disorders leading to vertigo like symptoms or indispositions
  • Mental disorders that prevent autonomous training
  • Insufficient trunk stability might require training under permanent supervision and/or additional safety measurements to prevent falls, tumbling or overturns
Steps to your VR training with rewellio
Tablet Smartphone Oculus VR Rewellio

1. Get the Hardware

To use rewellio you will need the

Oculus Quest (1 or 2) or Pico Neo (2 or 3) and a
Mobile Device (Android 7.1 and higher or iOS 12.0 or newer)

Tablet Smartphone App Rewellio Stroke Therapy

2. Download the Apps

Download the rewellio App for your Oculus as well as your Mobile Device.

Oculus Store

App Store    Google Play Store

3. Create your Account

Create your account as patient, therapist or admin of a group of therapists.

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VR Stroke Therapy Rewellio

4. Start your Training

Ready when you are!
Each exercise comes with a short tutorial, nevertheless we recommend you try out every exercise with your therapist first.

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Download the rewellio App

Oculus rewellio App

Rewellio is available for the Oculus Quest via Oculus Labs. Access the oculus app via the button below in the oculus store.

Mobile App (iOS)

Download the rewellio app to your iPad or iPhone.

Mobile App (Android)

Download the rewellio app to your Tablet or Smartphone.

Use rewellio as patient, therapist or admin



Admin of a group of therapists

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Rewellio’s goal is to enable more and better therapy time for a faster and more enjoyable self-empowered recovery process. We do this by providing a subscription-based pricing model allowing you to use rewellio as much as you like and as long as needed.

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