Stroke Therapy Tool

Using virtual reality for additional therapy time

Stroke Therapy Tool

Using virtual reality for additional therapy time

A stroke - one diagnosis and many limitations

Range of motion, strength, coordination, sensibility, speech

Rewellio is a virtual therapy tool that enables more therapy time in addition to the 1:1 setting with a therapist. Through guided exercise with our rewellio avatar, repetitive training can be achieved at home. Independent and autonomous training can be enabled.
From therapists for patients and therapists. Effective use of your therapist time by moving the repetitive training out of the therapy time. 

The responsibility for recovery is not only in the hand of doctors and therapists but also in the hand of patients and their families. From an early stage on, patients are enabled to take their recovery into their own hands. With additional training time, rewellio supports patients and therapists starting at the hospital or rehabilitation center. Rewellio paves the way for repetitive exercises and allows home-based and independent training from an early stage onward.

VR Training Stroke Therapy Rewellio

Virtual Reality therapy tool for Stroke recovery

With VR headsets stroke patient can dive into a virtual world. 

Arm use can be trained in a way that wouldn’t be possible in the real world.

Affordable for home use.

Tablet VR Rewellio


of repetitive tasks

Rewellio provides multiple exercises and is designed to work alongside with therapists.

Stroke Therapy VR Rewellio Patient


of daily exercises

Rewellio learns with each session and personalizes your daily challenges.
VR Stroke Therapy Data Analysis Rewellio


of your progress

Rewellio tracks your progress and by sharing it with your therapist, external monitoring and guidance is possible.

Rewellio is certified as medical software in europe

Want to find out more about the science behind rewellio?

Therapeutic Background


Simple summary Attention is a remarkable and indispensable function of our brain. It involves multiple areas in our brain and is complex to explain but

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VR Training Stroke Therapy Rewellio

VR – virtual reality

Simple summary Using virtual reality (VR) in all kinds of areas is becoming more and more popular. Learning anatomy, simulation of complex or dangerous situations,

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Georg Teufl Founder Rewellio

Rewellio is built on experience

Rewellio was developed out of a need.
The need for better home based training for stroke patients.

Our co-founder Georg has been treating stroke patients as a professional physiotherapist for over 10 years. His previous software development background was essential to building the rewellio platform. What you see here today is only the beginning, so please subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on our progress and our mission for better therapy support at home.

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Rewellio is supported by renowned Research & Development and Growth Partners
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